TRAVELER - Opening Title Sequence





Brief/ Rationale

There was a longing for the time that I could go everywhere, a place to travel or to visit a new place during the Pandemic and it was Korean TV or web-based entertainment TV series that filled such boredom while spending time during the pandemic period. I noticed that many of the popular TV show's title sequences are baed on 2D illustration-based motion graphics which are provide an overview  of the program or main point of the show 

I feel interested in creating my own program as well as title sequence based on the theme Travelling which is the most interest of me. 




As I kept broaden the idea about traveling, I looked into my passport and realized that a visa stamp would be a great source and inspiration. Also, noticing that visa stamps are very classic and oriented to the feeling of retro image with muted, grained-like colour and texture. Those visual elements are the start point of where I focus on in motion design.


Creating Logo

Stamp that the immigration examiner gave when you admitted to travelling to another country. From there, I decided to give a motion that feeling of a stamp and visually as well.


Story Board


Asset Building


Style Frame/ Motion Sequences




Using Format