Save The Arctic Exhibition



Project Brief / Objective

Expand data story about the Arctic into an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Building on the research to date, plus newly researched data/content. Design an exhibit that provides and presents the information in a compelling exhibit about global warming and the Arctic. Graphic, visual depiction that helps viewers comprehend the material displayed. 


Space for Exhibition

24 x 24 feet plus entrance doors and 10 by 22 foot foyer.
The height of the ceiling is 12’.  Exhibit space is a square shaped room at the Royal Ontario Museum. The entrance is off of a hallway. 


Floor Plan



Hallway Detail


Room 1- Right Wall


Room 1 - Right Wall Detail


Room 1 - Front Wall 


Room 1 - Front Wall Detail


Room 1 - Left wall 


Room 1 - Left wall Detail


Room 1 -Back Wall / Floor


Room 1 -Back Wall / Floor Detail


Room 2 


Room 2 - Detail


3D Rendered View